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  1. US STOCK! Greeloy® GU-P206 Portable Dental Unit + Scaler + Curing Light + Handpiece Kits
    Does it come with a warranty? Can I use both handpiece and suction at the same time with this unit? Regards,
    Review by Samia Posted on 10/28/2022

    Administrator : Dear friend, One year warranty. You can use both handpiece and suction at the same time. Any other quesiton, just feel free to contact us. Thanks

  2. KWS 36W Ceiling mounted Dental LED Light Oral Operatory Lamp Shadowless Exam Surgical Light KD-2012D-3C
    Dzień Dobry, ile kosztuje przesyłka do Niemiec? Platnosc PayPal w Euro jest możliwa? Pozdrawiam P.Han
    Review by P.Han Posted on 09/29/2022

    Administrator : Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Yes, we can ship to Germany, you can order it on our website directly. You can also pay to our PayPal account directly, I have sent an email to you. Please change the currency to your own currency of your country on PayPal when you pay to our PayPal account. Any further needs, please let me know. Best regards.

  3. BD-402B LED Fiber Dental Turbine Unit with Air Compressor Suction Triplex Syringe Optic
    Hi I am interested in purchasing either the dental unit BD402, BD402A and BD402B. Can you please tell me: 1. what the difference is between the three models 2. which one would you say is the best of the three 3. Can model BD402A use handpiece and suction at the same time 4. What is the advantage or use of an electric system for BD402B Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
    Review by Graham Posted on 09/08/2022

    Administrator : Dear Customer, Thanks for your reply. Model 402: No tie rod, only portable, no air tank, not pure aluminum alloy. Model 402A: tie rod style, can also be hand-held, it comes with a air tank, it is pure aluminum alloy. It cannot use handpiece and suction at the same time. Model 402B: Pure aluminum alloy, with tie rod and air storage tank. It is an upgraded version of 402A. It has fewer switches than 402 and 402A, it is more convenient to use. Any further needs, please let me know. Thanks.

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